AR0-15 Barrels

AR-15 Barrels form the backbone of precision shooting, offering a range of options to tailor your rifle's performance to your exact needs. KAK Industry presents an extensive selection of high-quality barrels designed for various shooting disciplines, from competitive sports to tactical operations. Choose from a variety of lengths, materials, and profiles, including lightweight options for maneuverability and heavy barrels for enhanced accuracy at long distances. Pair your barrel selection with our AR-15 Handguards to protect your hands and improve accuracy by reducing heat and providing stability for mounted accessories. Enhance your barrel's performance further with our Muzzle Devices, designed to reduce recoil and muzzle rise, and explore our AR-15 Upper Receiver Parts for components that complement your barrel choice for a complete, optimized build. Whether upgrading or assembling a new rifle, our AR-15 barrels ensure your setup is precisely tuned to your shooting preferences and requirements.