Lower Receivers

Lower Receivers serve as the foundational framework for any AR-15 or AR-10 rifle, embodying the heart of your firearm where customization begins. KAK Industry offers a broad array of options, including AR-15 Lower Receivers for those seeking the versatility and customization AR-15s are known for, and AR-10 Lower Receivers, catering to users demanding the increased power and range of the AR-10 platform. Within these categories, enthusiasts can find Complete Lowers, which are ready to attach to your upper receiver right out of the box, as well as Stripped Lowers for those who prefer a more hands-on approach to customizing every component of their build. These receivers are the canvas for your firearm, allowing you to incorporate AR-15 Parts that match your specific shooting style and ergonomic preferences. Whether you're building a rifle from the ground up or upgrading an existing platform, our selection ensures your project starts on a solid foundation. Complement your lower receiver with our selection of Upper Receivers and Muzzle Devices to create a seamless, high-performance firearm tailored to your exact specifications.

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