4.75" 5.56 1:5 AR15 Barrel- Stainless

KAK 4.75 INCH 5.56 NATO SS 1-5 TWIST
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KAK 4.75" 5.56 1:5 AR15 Barrel- Stainless

• Chamber- 5.56 NATO

• Length- 4.75"

• Gas system- Micro Pistol Length 

• Gas Block Size- .750

• Threads- 1/2-28

• Finish- Matte Blasted Grey

• Twist- 1:5

• Material- 416R Stainless

• Extension- M4 Feed Ramps

• Marked for Caliber and Twist

• Gas Block Dimples

• Weight- 10.72 OZ

• Fully Made In House From KAK Industry Produced Blanks

All Barrels Are Air Gauge Inspected for Correct Bore Size & Tolerances, completed Barrels are Inspected for Proper Headspace using Calibrated Gauging.  





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    fire breathing 1/2" groups

    Posted by Spike on April 26, 2021

    I definitely wont be using in the house for protection. The muzzle blast is tremendous. IK, what do you expect from a 5" bbl? A real fire breather, and 1/2" groups off a rest at 50 yds. with my SGK 55 gr reloads. double up on hearing protection and have some fun. PS I used a SA adjustable GB, and an H2 buffer and a hi $$ flash can

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    Awsome little barrel

    Posted by John on April 22, 2021

    This little guy is a FIRE breathing bad ass! It fit perfect for my pistol build. I was not expecting the amount of concussion and fire that I got. I knew there was gonna be some...but damn. I love it!!

  • 4
    Good, lots of gas

    Posted by WP on April 19, 2021

    Hell of a good barrel. Definitely need to modify a barrel nut depending on what kind of handguard you end up getting. Cycled great, but the gas blowback is crazy!!!! Definitely recommend a bleed off gas block. Overall, I would definitely buy again since they shipped same day and I had it at my house in FL within a few days

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    Nice quality

    Posted by randy on October 15, 2020


  • 4
    Great barrel

    Posted by Andrew on July 6, 2020

    I ordered this barrel to make my sbr the smallest I've seen. I had a 3" blast can on it theres no recoil with it. Cycles great. No problems what so very. I was hitting a steel half size Silhouette at 197 yards every hit with a 36 yard zero on my eotech. Paper at 140 had zero key holes. I love this thing. The only somewhat negative thing I can say is it's so loud even with double ear pro. May as well shoot a 50bmg inside the shead. Haha. I love this thing. Highly recommend. I'd add pictures but theres no option to.

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    Great Barrel - Great Price

    Posted by Shane on June 15, 2020

    I have both of the KAK 4.75" 5.56 barrels. Both are good, but I prefer this one. The added gas block dimple is great, and the 1:5 with 62 or 77 grain is perfect. YOU HAVE TO BUY THE SUPERLATIVE ARMS BLEED OFF GAS BLOCK. With it, there's no gas blowback, and very little kick. I paired this with the Maxim Defense CCW Brace and the Special Ops Tactical Buzzsaw muzzle device for a total collapsed length of 16.85" (take that Daniel Defense and Springfield). I've put about 300 rounds from 50 to 100 yards and accuracy is dead on (with Holosun 510c). I haven't tried farther because I don't intend on even using it at 100 yards (I have other guns for that). Muzzle velocity is about 1850 FPS ***IMPORTANT***.The gas tube is obviously shorter and has less clearance space over the barrel nut. Be prepared to Dremmel a bit, find a 1" nut, or buy the CMMG RML4 (worked perfectly).

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    Barrel works as it should but disappointments with the order and info from KAK

    Posted by Eagle1 on March 2, 2020

    Positive is that I now have over 100 rounds through the barrel with no malfunctions, Shooting distance is short so I can't speak to accuracy but it seems to do fine for a very short 5.56 barrel. Blast and flash is reasonable with quality ammo through my BCM FH but with steel ammo (wolf) the blast is momentarily blinding. Negatives: 1) I had to dremel my barrel nut for the micro gas tube to fit due to its necessary bend upward right at the nut. I tried two different rails/barrel nuts and each had this problem. Would have been useful for KAK to flag this on the product page since I expect many purchasers will find this issue. I contacted KAK for advice and received a very brief email saying to cut the barrel nut to allow the tube to fit. Other issues were that only one of the two barrel dimples matched my gas block (I don't know if there is an industry standard for spacing) and the barrel and micro gas tube were packed very loosely in the shipping box as if no effort were made for packing, just kind of dropped in the box.

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    love it!

    Posted by Tina on October 31, 2019

    with the micro gas tube, superlative arms bleed off gas block and linear comp.. i get zero gas in the face, and it's as short as my 5" Banshee.. will fit in a backpack and is a ton of fun.. not a single cycling issue

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    100% worth the gas in the face

    Posted by Chris on September 28, 2019

    It's gassy but a blast with a mikulek style break. The world turns into a blur with every shot! Looking forward to setting up next to the guy with the 7.5" at the indoor range.