Explore the legendary world of the M16, a category dedicated to one of the most iconic rifles in military history. Revered for its role in shaping modern warfare, the M16 platform offers precision, reliability, and adaptability. Our category caters to collectors, enthusiasts, and tactical professionals alike, featuring essential components and accessories that celebrate the legacy and operational excellence of the M16.

From AR-15 Upper Receivers compatible with M16 builds to AR-15 Parts that ensure the optimal function of your rifle, we provide a comprehensive selection for restoring, customizing, or building your M16. Enhance your rifle's performance with our Muzzle Devices, or explore our AR-15 Barrels and AR-15 Handguards for precision shooting and tactical advantage.

The M16 category is not just about parts and accessories; it's a tribute to a firearm that has influenced the development of military and civilian rifles worldwide. Explore our selection to find everything you need to honor this iconic platform, whether through historical restoration or modern customization.