AR-10 Pistols at KAK Industry offer the perfect balance between the formidable power of a rifle and the compactness of a handgun, making them an exceptional choice for tactical situations, home defense, and sport shooting. These pistols are engineered for shooters who appreciate the robust .308 caliber in a more manageable size, without compromising on performance. Enhance your AR-10 pistol with our selection of AR-10 Upper Receivers, designed to provide unmatched precision and customization options. For builders and enthusiasts, our AR-10 Lower Receivers section offers the essential base for constructing a personalized firearm tailored to your specific needs. Additionally, our AR-10 Parts category includes everything from barrels and handguards to stocks and buffer tubes, enabling you to optimize your AR-10 pistol for any scenario. Explore the power and versatility of AR-10 Pistols at KAK Industry, where innovative design meets tactical efficiency.