AR-15 Pistols at KAK Industry offer the power and precision of the AR-15 platform in a compact and maneuverable package, ideal for close-quarters shooting and personal defense. These pistols maintain the high standards of performance and reliability expected from AR-15 firearms, while providing the versatility to be customized for a variety of roles. Enhance your AR-15 pistol with our selection of AR-15 Upper Receivers, perfect for those seeking to customize their firearm for specific shooting needs. Additionally, our AR-15 Lower Receivers allow for further personalization and ergonomic adjustments. For shooters looking to fine-tune their AR-15 pistol or embark on a custom build, our AR-15 Parts category includes everything from barrels and handguards to grips and buffer tubes. Explore KAK Industry's AR-15 Pistols today to find or build your ideal compact firearm solution.