AR-10 Complete Upper Receivers serve as the cornerstone for building a high-powered, long-range rifle capable of exceptional performance. At KAK Industry, we offer a diverse selection of complete uppers that are meticulously engineered to meet the rigorous demands of precision shooters and hunters alike. These assemblies come fully equipped with AR-10 Barrels, AR-10 Handguards, AR-10 Bolt Carrier Group, and AR-10 Charging Handles, providing a plug-and-play solution for those looking to either upgrade their current setup or embark on a new build. Compatible with our AR-10 Lower Receivers, these complete uppers are designed for a seamless fit, ensuring optimal functionality and accuracy. Ideal for enthusiasts who value precision and reliability, our complete uppers are a testament to the quality and performance that KAK Industry stands for. Enhance your long-range shooting experience by exploring our AR-10 Complete Upper Receivers, and consider pairing with our AR-10 Parts for a fully customized, high-performance rifle.