AR-15 Lower Receivers form the cornerstone of your AR-15 build or upgrade, offering a blank slate for shooters to create a custom firearm tailored to their specific needs. At KAK Industry, we provide a versatile range of AR-15 lower receivers, including Complete Lowers that are ready for immediate assembly and Stripped Lowers for those who relish the process of choosing each component with care. These lowers are compatible with a wide array of AR-15 Parts, from Stocks and Buffer Tubes to AR Triggers and AR Grips, allowing for endless customization possibilities. Whether you're a competitive shooter, hunter, or recreational firearms enthusiast, our AR-15 lower receivers offer the reliability and adaptability your shooting style demands. Enhance your build further by exploring our selection of AR-15 Upper Receivers and Muzzle Devices, ensuring your rifle performs flawlessly on the range or in the field.