AR-10 Upper Receiver Parts form the cornerstone of precision and reliability for your AR-10 build. At KAK Industry, we provide a comprehensive selection of high-quality components designed to enhance your shooting experience. From AR-10 Barrels engineered for accuracy to AR-10 Bolt Carrier Groups that ensure flawless operation, each part is crafted to meet the rigorous standards of today's shooters. AR-10 Handguards offer both protection and a platform for accessories, while AR-10 Charging Handles are designed for ergonomic efficiency and reliability. These parts are compatible with our AR-10 Complete Upper Receivers and AR-10 Stripped Upper Receivers, allowing for a fully customized setup tailored to your specific needs. Whether you're upgrading an existing rifle or building a new one from scratch, our AR-10 Upper Receiver Parts provide the versatility and quality necessary to create a highly personalized and effective firearm. For those looking to complete their build, don't forget to explore our AR-10 Lower Receiver Parts, ensuring a seamless and optimized assembly of your AR-10 rifle.