AR-10 Parts cater to the needs of marksmen who prioritize power, precision, and customization. KAK Industry brings a curated selection of AR-10 components designed to elevate the performance of your AR-10 rifle. Our inventory covers everything from AR-10 Barrels engineered for unmatched accuracy and range, to AR-10 Handguards that provide a secure, heat-resistant grip for enhanced shooting stability. Optimize the heart of your rifle with our AR-10 Bolt Carrier Group collection for reliable cycling and Stocks and AR-10 Buffer Tubes for better recoil control and shooter comfort. For those looking to refine their trigger pull, our AR Triggers offer a variety of options to suit your preference. Each component in our AR-10 parts category is designed to integrate seamlessly, ensuring you can build or modify your rifle to meet any challenge, whether it's long-range shooting, hunting, or tactical applications.