M16 Full Auto Milspec Ambi Lower Parts Kit- Complete

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KAK Industry Full Auto Mil-Spec Ambi Lower Parts Kit- Complete  

• Milspec Auto Trigger

• Milspec Auto Hammer

• Milspec Auto Disconector

• Milspec Auto Sear W/ Spring and sear pin

• Milspec Ambi Safety Selector 

• Milspec Hammer Spring

• Milspec Trigger Spring

• Milspec Magazine Release 

• Milspec Buffer Retainer Spring

• Milspec Buffer Plunger

• Milspec Bolt Catch Spring

• Milspec Disconnect Spring 

• Milspec Takedown Pivot Pin Spring

• Milspec Selector Detent Spring

• Milspec A2 Grip

• Milspec A2 Grip Bolt/Washer

• Milspec Pivot Pin

• Milspec Takedown Pin

• Milspec Takedown Pivot Pin Detent

• Milspec Hammer and Trigger Pin

• Milspec Bolt Catch Plunger

• Milspec Bolt Catch Roll Pin

• Milspec Selector Detent

• Milspec Magazine Release 

• Milspec Bolt Catch

• Milspec Magazine Release Button


Properly Heat Treated

Phosphate Finish 

De-grease ambi selector screw threads and apply blue loctite when assemblying, Tq selector screws to 5-7 in/lbs or hand-tight 

These parts can't ship to "ban" states, if you are a dealer and would like to order you'll need to contact us directly to place and order.

Shipping Restrictions: Washington, Illinois, and New York. 

Disclaimer:  These components will not convert a semi-automatic firearm into a machine gun. These are replacement parts and are only intended to be installed into existing legally owned NFA registered machine guns, and for licensed manufacturers to use when building post sample machine guns.  Attempting to convert a firearm into a machine gun may constitute a violation of Federal or State law.  All NFA requirements must be followed.


Lower Parts Kit