OE-SPEC 7.62X39 18" Mid Gas AR15 Barrel- Nitride

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VALUE-LINE 7.62X39 18 " Mid Gas AR15 Barrel- Nitride

• Chamber- 7.62x39 True .311 Bore 

• Length- 18"

• Gas system- Mid Length

• Gas Block Size- .750

• Threads- 5/8-24

• Finish- Nitride 

• Twist- 1:9.5

• Material- 41V50

• Extension- M4 Ramps 

• Marked for Caliber and Twist

• Weight- 30.4 OZ

• Fully Made In House From KAK Industry Produced Blanks

As a high volume contract manufacturer for the firearms industry, KAK is able to leverage its machining capacity to bring the same quality parts that we provide to some of the biggest names in the industry, straight to the retail customer.  We manufacture our barrels from the raw material all the way to the complete product, all under our own roof.  Our barrels are fully inspected through the entire process, including air-gauging the bores, physical measurements of the threads and outer diameters, and 100% gauging of the headspace tolerance.  Our OE-Spec line provides you with the quality you demand and the value you desire.






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    7.62x39mm barrel

    Posted by James Crawford on August 7, 2023

    Love it! It was extremely affordable it came very quickly and has performed beautifully. The craftsmanship is top notch as well. I already have my eye on a 6mm ARC barrel from KAK industries.

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    Great Barrel

    Posted by Mike on July 17, 2023

    I’ve thought about this barrel for awhile and finally pulled the trigger. It’s been flawless so far, and sub minute with ppu psp

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    My first, but not last, KAK barrel.

    Posted by Jesse on February 18, 2023

    I really wanted to try a 18" barrel with a midlength gas system and it did not disappoint. I may have cherry-picked a little but at 100 yards I was getting 1.25 3-shot groups with a 3x PA Micro prism and Belom amm0. Now how bout a 14.5" barrel for a pin-n-weld? You could do it, right?

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    Decent barrel

    Posted by Tom on January 24, 2023

    Decent barrel. Shoots about 2.5 MOA using Barnaul steel case hollow points. Going to try some others to see if there's any improvement.

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    Outstanding Barell

    Posted by Kevin on July 22, 2022

    I've ordered and got this barrel back in June of 2018 and it's been amazing! Tula 154gr SP are shooting like match ammo outta mine - well under MOA. SO glad I got one.!

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    Well worth the wait

    Posted by Juan on December 5, 2021

    I waited for over a year for this barrel to become available. And it was worth the wait. Shot 1 inch groups with Tula steel HP and 1 1/2 inch groups with Academy Monarch steel HP at 100 yards. Norma Brass was terrible with 3-4 inch groups. Anderson lower, upper, lower parts kit, Aimsurplus Nickel Boron BCG H2 buffer, sprinco Blue buffer spring. Supper Happy with this build. Also recommend the KAK barrel dipping tool.

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    excellent barrel

    Posted by devildog719 on December 2, 2021

    76239-18-inch melonite barrel. This is a non-dimpled barrel and I purchased the KAK dimple tool. The tool made the process very simple and easy to use. Went to the range today and shot four different types of steel cases. About fifty rounds in all. The Tula 124 grain soft point shot the best. I wish I could show the photos of the groups. Using a 2MOA red dot, non-magnification a one-inch group at fifty yards and at 100 yards the group was almost two inches. Unbelievable, I couldn't believe it. I built this AR for deer and hog hunting. What a great barrel, thanks KAK.

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    It works

    Posted by Big Chungus on November 29, 2021

    Got this barrel so I could shoot cheaper steel case 7.62x39 and was surprised by the accuracy. I can get 1 moa all day using wolf 124hp and 123fmj averaging around 2385 fps. I tried a few other brands of cheap steel case and all were around 2 moa. I'm sure better ammo would provide better results but for the cost I am very happy with the accuracy.

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    Posted by Franklin G on July 6, 2020

    I was looking to build a 7.62x39 SPR/DMR type rifle build in a AR platform. I wanted something that could perform better than my AK build, 4 MOA with cheap Tulammo. I could get 1 MOA with Hornady 123 grain SST and a little under 3 MOA with 123 FMJ and 154 SP Tulammo. I think the 1-9.5 twist really helps in stabilizing the bullet at longer distance. Using Hornady ammo, I was able to hit 400 yard target consistently. Check out my YouTube video to see what this barrel can do at 400 yards. https://youtu.be/5KQr4skRAL4