K-SPEC Enhanced AR15 Carrier- Down Vent, Sand Cuts, Chrome Lined Phosphate

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KAK Industry K-SPEC AR15 Carrier

This is the carrier with gas key only

Add cam pin, firing pin, firing retaining pin Here

Add a Bolt Here

Carrier is cross-compatible, will work with any direct impingement AR15 bolt

The K-SPEC BCG combines multiple key features focused on increasing the reliability of your AR15 style firearm no matter if you are running suppressed or unsuppressed, and regardless of conditions. 

For those running suppressed, the K-SPEC requires no additional tuning or tweaking of the gas or recoil systems to run reliably.  Like all KAK BCGs, the K-SPEC is machined to the M16 full auto profile.

Reduced Peak DB Report

When used in conjunction with a silencer, the gas redirect produces a quieter report

See testing results here- Down Vent vs Side Vent DB reduction testing

Sand Cutter Carrier Rails

For enhanced functionality in adverse and rugged conditions such as sand, mud, dirt, and grime. These rail cuts are designed for debris disbursement, resulting in ultra-high functionality in the toughest conditions, including suppressor fouling and foreign contaminates. Strategically located angle cuts in the rails result in fouling and debris being moved into noncritical areas that are not in contact with the receiver and do not affect the function of the firearm. aka sandcutter

Downward Gas Vents

In an effort to reduce the amount of debris and gas vented towards the shooters face, the two standard gas relief ports have been relocated from the ejection port side of the K-SPEC carrier and placed underneath, in the magazine feed lip channels.  Two additional emergency relief ports have also been added to the bottom of the carrier to mitigate structural damage in the event of a case head separation.  Testing has shown that venting the gasses through the magazine well has no negative impact on the feeding or function of the magazine nor ammunition, and any added heat is negligible. 


  • Designed to function reliably in the toughest conditions
  • Optimized for both Suppressed and Un-suppressed use, All uses – All Conditions
  • Angled Carrier Rail Cuts for flawless function in adverse conditions and prolonged suppressed use aka sandcutter
  • Downward Gas Ports to reduce gas blowback to shooter
  • Full Auto Profile
  • Permatex added between Gas Key and Carrier Mating Surface
  • Carrier- 8620 steel, outside rails, bolt runs, and gas bores ground to .0002 tolerances, chrome lined phosphate finish
  • Gas key – 4130 steel, heat treated, secured with T25 torx fasteners, torqued to spec, staked with  hydraulic staking machine


Machined in house and assembled using only the finest steels and components. 

KAK Industry takes pride in producing some of the finest Mil-Spec/ Enhanced AR15 BCG Components groups available, made 100% in house at our MO facility using Doosan machining centers, Tsugami Swiss turning, and the latest in FANUC robotics combined into an automated cell giving us lights out production capability.  In house automated CMM Inspection processes ensure consistent quality. 

K-SPEC Enhanced
Chrome Lined Phosphate
Hand Preference:
Right Hand


  • 5
    Buy it!

    Posted by Gas faced ninimuggins on July 8, 2024

    I heard about this down vent thingamabob on Reddit and decided to give it a try. My gun was blowing choking gas in my face and burning my lungs. This down vent severely mitigates the gas and makes the gun quieter to boot when shooting suppressed. A+

  • 5
    Down vent works well

    Posted by Frank G on June 1, 2024

    Got this down vent carrier to replace my milspec carrier and it works amazing! I have a 10.5 rifle I mostly run suppressed (which is super gasy) the down vent feature has really cut down on the gas to my face almost entirely, the only gas I feel now is when I do magdumps. I’m just blown away by how well it works. Now I have to order the dual ejector bolt to upgrade my milspec bolt lol.