K-SPEC Enhanced AR15 Buffer H2 4.7 oz

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This buffer is designed to work with Carbine Length buffer tubes and our flatwire buffer spring

  • Reduces felt recoil
  • Enables faster follow up shots
  • Allows you to shoot faster with better accuracy
  • Weight- 4.7 oz
  • Buffer weights- 1 Tungsten, 1 Steel, Sliding 
  • Finish– Hard Coat Anodized OD Green
  • Bumper color- Blue
  • Eliminates potential bolt bounce 
  • Ships with KAK Buffer Install Tool

The K-SPEC Buffer was developed with specific goals in mind- Reducing felt recoil and providing faster follow up shots.  With modern technology being applied to firearms, you’re likely aware of the recoil management solutions that have been applied to many popular pistol operating systems. Many recoil rods in pistols went from a single piece recoil rod assembly to a dual recoil rod spring assembly with compression guide rod. 

With the modernization of firearms, we found out a way to apply this technology to the AR15 Platform.

The K-SPEC Buffer features an innovative recoil reduction system that absorbs and disperses felt recoil. Minimizing muzzle flip and kickback allowing you to fire faster and more accurately by being able to stay on target more effectively. 

The K-SPEC Buffer features a two-piece reciprocating buffer body and a custom captured compression spring mechanism internally,  which works in conjunction with our flatwire buffer spring. The majority of the felt recoil is transferred into the buffer spring, and then dispersed into the K-SPEC buffer internals which absorb recoil and distributes recoil more evenly and linearly instead of abruptly as you experience with traditional buffer systems.

These are simply direct replacements for whichever weight you’re using, choose whichever buffer weight you are currently utilizing in your firearm. Your firearm will function the same, you will notice decreased felt recoil with the K-SPEC Buffer. If you are running a lighter buffer such as a 3 oz carbine, simply select the closest weight- example- H1


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    Great, if it works for you

    Posted by Jon P on May 15, 2024

    It is a great buffer, but it may not be a significant difference in recoil depending on what you put it in. I wanted to see how much it helped on some suppressed rifle and tried it some non suppressed. I did three test with a 10.5 upper with a SA adjustable gas block, 14.5 mid BCM upper, and a BRT Intermediate gassed 16". Everything I tested it with was Federal m855. On the 10.5 tuned to drop m855 at 3'o clock suppressed with a RC2 with an h2 with a Sprinco white spring. K-spec H2 with their flat spring it did make a noticeable difference in the recoil impulse. I didn't change the gas setting and didn't make any noticeable difference on where the brass dropped. It ran great and I have .22lr rifle that recoils more. The 16" barrel it didn't really make a difference, the rifle is already an extremely soft shooter with a H1 and Sprinco white. The K-spec H2 made it under gassed unsuppressed(since it weighs more than a H1) and with a Nomad LT I didn't feel a difference really than a standard H2. Like I said it such a soft shooter I doubt I can get away with much more in terms of feel. Now the 14.5 with an RC2 I have to run it with a Sprinco red spring and H2 due to how over gassed it is. The k spec h2 with the flat spring didn't help this gassy hog. When I put it with the red spring I noticed a minor difference. Although when I took off the suppressor and ran H2 and a blue spring(like I normally do) and then replaced it with the K spec H2 and flat spring it did make a noticeable difference. So 4/5 because it does work, but It really depends on how it runs. I plan to get the h1 to try with my 16" build to see if it makes a noticeable difference like it did with my 10.5". Id guess if you don't have a tuned host/adjustable gas block you may not notice. If you have one, this is definitely a nice upgrade over a standard buffer.

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    Recoil cut

    Posted by John Standifer on April 22, 2024

    Bought this for my 10.5 5.56 pistol and it works amazing. Like with all KAK quality is phenomenal. Recommend 100% . If your on the fence get it