40MM Windscreen

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KAK Industry manufactured windscreens for 40MM rounds

Proprietary polymer blend- Rigidity and strength for storage and transport, designed to break reliably upon impact

Green, Orange, Gold, Blue, Red

Designed to work with standard zinc pushers 

Sold Individually 




Disclaimer, as anyone who reloads will know, when reloading your own ammo you need to take precautions. The factors that come into play with producing loads yields an endless list- elevation, barometric pressure, humidity, lot of powder, lot of primers, tight chamber, loose chamber, rifling, so forth and so on. Just because a particular load works for us it may not work for you, work your loads up safely. KAK Industry takes no responsibility for mishaps just as any component manufacturer does.



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    40mm Windscreens

    Posted by William Parker on November 28, 2023

    Brand new, quick shipping. Excellent price & quality. .

  • 5
    40mm Windscreens

    Posted by William Parker on November 16, 2023

    Second order and very happy. Brand new windscreens, shipped fast and packed well.

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    40 MM chalk windscreens

    Posted by william parker on November 13, 2023

    Beautiful, fresh production. Well worth the money.