40MM Reloading Kit- Reloading Die, Brass, Brass Checks

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KAK Industry Custom 40MM reloading die 

Components to load your own blank rounds for 40MM cases

Spring loaded seating stem seats gas check into place, die then crimps brass casing securing gas check into place

Includes - 

Complete reloading die with lock ring 

25x 38 S&W Brass

25x Copper Gas Checks 

Die is threaded for all popular presses/ bushings- 7/8"-14


Uses #6 RCBS Shell holder (not included) 



Disclaimer, as anyone who reloads will know, when reloading your own ammo you need to take precautions. The factors that come into play with producing loads yields an endless list- elevation, barometric pressure, humidity, lot of powder, lot of primers, tight chamber, loose chamber, rifling, so forth and so on. Just because a particular load works for us it may not work for you, work your loads up safely. KAK Industry takes no responsibility for mishaps just as any component manufacturer does.

Loading instructions can be found on the embedded video, if you are loading 3D or non zinc pusher rounds you'll need to down load the powder charge, you will need to use case filler on top of the charge to produce tension between the charge and gas check. Cornmeal, flour, fine tumbling media, etc, can be used as case fill, you'll need to determine how much filler to use with the powder you pick. The total case fill volume should be around 80% to produce the required tension to keep the gas check in place once crimped.