17-5.56 Redding Reloading Die Set

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KAK 17-556 Redding Reloading Die Set

• 5.56 with re-sized neck to accept a .17 caliber projectile, works in commonly used AR mags

• Based on the 17-223 cartridge with a few modifications and improvements 

• 556 case body to run more reliably in adverse conditions

• 556 case body for use with forming widely available military 5.56 brass such as Lake City

• 17-556 Chambering includes tweaks in the throat and neck for better extraction, chambering, and bore fouling reduction

• Includes FL sizing die & Seating die, neck expander, spare decapping pin and allen key.


Use Shell Holder- #10

KAK Custom

For load data you must use dropbox to open- DOWNLOAD 17-556 RELOADING DATA






Disclaimer, as anyone who reloads will know, when reloading your own ammo you need to take precautions. The factors that come into play with producing loads yields an endless list- elevation, barometric pressure, humidity, lot of powder, lot of primers, tight chamber, loose chamber, rifling, so forth and so on. Just because a particular load works for us it may not work for you, work your loads up safely. KAK Industry takes no responsibility for mishaps just as any component manufacturer does.



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    17-5.56 dies

    Posted by Craig on June 28, 2024

    The dies are very simple to use with no experience in the reloading field. You simply clean and size 223/5.56 once fired brass spray a little hornady one shot one them and it works great. I realized 100 brass in a very short time with zero issues. I watched several videos of people trying different things with these dies and crushing the shoulders of the cases. I had zero waisted brass of the 100 I sized. Simply clean and size with a 223 die then lubricate them.

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    Posted by Robert McLachlan on February 23, 2024

    Redding makes great dies, never had a problem with them

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    17-5.56 dies

    Posted by Lucas on September 11, 2023

    Pricey but to be expected on a new chambering. Work as they should and KAK has always been amazing w customer service and product quality.