XM177 Flash Hider- Clone Correct

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Integrated gernade ring gives the retro look you desire without hassle or extra parts 

Can be used with a crush washer that's hidden in the grenade ring counter bore and not show once installed

Design inspired by the XM-177 Moderator, this extended flash hider will extend a 12.5" barrel to legal non-NFA length when pin and welded. 

  • Overall Length- 4.678"
  • Weight- 7.4 oz
  • Heat Treated for strength & durability 
  • Phosphate Coated for corrosion resistance 
  • Milled flats for easy installation
  • CNC machined from bar steel
  • Fully Precision Machined in House at KAK Industry

Crush washer not included

Clone correct muzzle device for the following builds-

Colt 649 or GAU-5A

Colt 639

Colt 630

Colt 619/ 620