OE-SPEC- 300 Blackout 10.5" Pistol Gas AR15 Barrel- Nitride

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VALUE-LINE 300 Blackout 10.5" Pistol Gas AR15 Barrel- Nitride

• Chamber- 300 Blackout 

• Length- 10.5"

• Gas system- Pistol Length 

• Gas Block Size- .750

• Threads- 5/8-24

• Finish- Nitride

• Twist- 1:7 5R

• Material- 41V50 Chrome Moly Vanadium

• Extension- M4 Ramps 

• Barrel dimpled for gas block set screw

• Marked for Caliber and Twist

• Weight 22.88 OZ

• Fully Made In House From KAK Industry Produced Blanks

As a high volume contract manufacturer for the firearms industry, KAK is able to leverage its machining capacity to bring the same quality parts that we provide to some of the biggest names in the industry, straight to the retail customer.  We manufacture our barrels from the raw material all the way to the complete product, all under our own roof.  Our barrels are fully inspected through the entire process, including air-gauging the bores, physical measurements of the threads and outer diameters, and 100% gauging of the headspace tolerance.  Our OE-Spec line provides you with the quality you demand and the value you desire.


300 Blackout


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    300 blackout 10.5

    Posted by Gary on May 8, 2024

    KAK was great I ordered the barrel and it was here 4 days later, the barrels machining is top notch and shoots 190, 200, and 220 gr bullets great. I use it suppressed banish 46.

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    An extraordinary value

    Posted by Brandon on February 22, 2022

    I wanted to build a 300 blk to shoot subs with my suppressor. This barrel was the least expensive option, so I had low expectations, but I’ve had very good experiences with green mountain blanks, so I have it a shot. Wow. This barrel is a shooter! More accurate than my 10.5 5.56 from a leading brand. It reliably shoots every kind of ammo I’ve tried with zero hiccups. It’s a joy to shoot suppressed, with almost no recoil when I use a suppressor. Another review mentioned the large gas port size, to me, that is a desirable feature depending on your application. I’m a handloader, and I’ve gotten this barrel to cycle some almost Hollywood quiet seriously anemic powder charges. The wide gas port allows for more aggressively quiet subsonic loads when shooting suppressed. I’ve also shot supers with 120 grain Barnes tac-tx with a kak flash can through this barrel, the recoil wasn’t noticeable. This may not be the best option if you want a “do it all” 300 blk, but if you’re using it for what 300 blk excels at, shooting heavy subs suppressed, you can’t go wrong. I use an h2 buffer with a mil-spec carbine spring, never had any issues with this setup.

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    300 Blackout Barrel

    Posted by Nathan on December 9, 2019

    This is the second barrel I've gotten from KAK. Great quality and finish, durable, and for an affordable price. Will definitely be buying from them again for future AR builds.

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    The value is the price NOT the quality. HIGH QUALITY BARRELS

    Posted by Nathaniel on July 4, 2018

    Don't let the word "value" fool you when it come to KAK's 300 blackout barrel. If you have read any of the other reviews or if you have been looking at other companies barrels you know how pricey they can be. And often times you get what you pay for, but in the case of KAK's value line 300 barrel you get way more bang for your buck. These barrels easily compete with higher dollar barrels like Daniel Defense CHF chrome lined barrels, but for more than half of the price. If your looking to save yourself some money on your AR build but don't want to sacrifice accuracy, then this is the barrel you need. You will not be disappointed!

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    Blackout barrel

    Posted by lynne on January 2, 2017

    The price was right for what I wanted. For me, it's nice to take a ride up the coast and save the shipping and enjoy the ride. The barrel looks good and works good and that's all I require. Thank you KAK

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    Best bang for the buck

    Posted by Jason on September 4, 2016

    I was looking at doing my first .300 blk AR pistol build, and was shocked to see how much different companies were wanting for a pistol barrel. I didnt want to pay benchrest prices for a barrel that's whole life will probably never need to shoot more than minute-of-badguy at less than 100 yds. After doing a bunch of research, I decided on this one, as I have always been a fan of green mountain barrels, and favorable reviews on several well respected AR forums. There were a few critics talking of "over gassing" supposedly from the "oversized" gas port. I'm not a gunsmith, but I do know that this barrel has cycled everything from 110gr through 150gr factory and handloads with no problems. I still havent tried the sub sonic ones yet, but I have no worries about those. Accuracy also has been great, busting clay pigeons out to 100yds with nothing but a vortex strikefire optic. The only minor detractor was the chamber was a "little" rough, marked the first 5-6 brass that I fired, but after that no issues. bottom line is 10/10 would buy again/will buy more barrels from these guys.

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    Great barrel, great price.

    Posted by Nick on August 12, 2016

    Barrel arrived quicker than expected and was flawless. Have ran 150gr and 220gr subsonic through it with no issues. Will definitely purchase another value line barrel with no qualms. Thanks.

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    One of the funnest AR Pistols to shoot! Hooya, get some!

    Posted by liber on March 20, 2016

    I had a 10.5" 5.56 AR pistol which proved to be very reliable. But over time the attraction of being able to use subsonic ammo in the 300 Blackout seemed pretty attractive. If I ever need to use my AR pistol in a home defense situation, being able to contain the rounds inside my home is very attractive indeed. The 10.5" upper was a Seekins/DSG upper that as very reliable. It already had an adjustable gas block. The only thing I replaced was one of these KAK Industries value-line barrels, a new gas tube, A2 birdcage and crush washer. After a tad of fiddling with the gas block this eats everything I throw at it. 210 gr SMKs using 7.5 gr of Winchester 296 (subsonic), 168 gr SMKs using 18 gr of Accurate 1680 (supersonic), and I tried 2 different factory loads, Remington 110 OTM (supersonic) and Remington 220 gr OT FB (supersonic). Shooting the 210 gr subsonic rounds was comparable to shooting a 22LR, 1/3rd to 1/2 the sound of the supersonic rounds and very little recoil. Too bad I'm in California where it's not possible to have a suppressor, but this is an awesome pistol.

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    These are very nice barrels for the price.

    Posted by liber on January 17, 2016

    The quality of these barrels for the price is amazing. I'm replacing a 10.5" 5.56 barrel on an AR pistol, but unfortunately stuck waiting on some barrel nut shims which should be here tomorrow. Finish is very nice on these. Well worth the money.