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    It fits, but the fit of the rear to all of my lowers is sloppy

    Posted by P C on November 1, 2023

    Fits and functions well, but the rear of the upper seems too short and doesn't mesh with my dpms gen1 lowers (and I checked it on 4 of them, same problem). Fit between the bottom of this upper and the top of the deck on all of my uppers also feels way too loos (can wiggle it without a wedge in the lower to take up the slop). Dunno if any of this is normal, but I really like this style of upper and want it to work (but the fit is not nearly as good as I think it should be :( )

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    LR-308 Stripped Upper Receiver

    Posted by Dave Strom on July 1, 2023

    A quality product. I would highly recommend.

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    LR 308

    Posted by Chris H. on June 27, 2023

    Used this for a .308 along with KAK BCG and Big Latch charging handle. Ran flawless with an Aero M5 lower. Have nothing but good things to say about KAK products.

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    Nice upper!

    Posted by AR 308 Upper on September 7, 2022

    Very happy with all of the items I ordered for my 308 pistol build. Unfortunately, the uppers fitment to my 80% lower wasn't what I had hoped for. I can see daylight at the radius between the upper and lower above the rear takedown pin. This is not a quality issue, just a lack of standardization on 308 platforms, my bad, 1st build, lack of experience.

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    A heavy walled work of art

    Posted by Ryan on June 3, 2022

    If you're trying to build a lightweight 308 pistol or rifle, this ain't your upper. I love how heavy the walls of this upper are. Not going to win any wind tunnel tests, but who cares on a 308 battle rifle? Dropped it on a deceptively lightweight appearing apf10 lower. Perfect match, with both way overbuilt and heavy duty. Everything bolted up perfectly on the upper, including the lower. About 1mm gap between receivers at the buffer, but no slack in fit. Everything locks up tight. I intend on at least 2 more builds with this combo. An absolute TANK of an upper for an absolute tank of a lower.

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    Great 308 upper

    Posted by Albert on April 4, 2021

    don't know if this 308 upper is forged or or a milled billet, it looks like its Milled but can't say, had to adjust the rear take down boss slightly to get it to fit on my Aero lower but it fits very snugly , building a 12.5" pistol 308. Ordered it with forward assist and ejection port and everything went together like it was suppose to. No issues with function using already loaded rounds for my other AR-10 rifle.. You will definitely like this upper.

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    So glad I found it

    Posted by Eddie on January 2, 2021

    I got this to replace an upper made by a popular company that was very sloppy with loose tolerances. I'm glad I did because this is a beautiful piece with better lines and despite the lack of standards in large frames, it fits other quality components like a glove.

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    .308 AR’s not standardized and that causes problems

    Posted by Greg on May 18, 2018

    This stripped upper receiver is high quality and has fit nicely into two of my builds: a 12.5” .308 pistol and a 14.5” rifle upper. I used this receiver on both builds. This is definitely waaaay nicer than the clunky DPMS upper receivers. The forward assist (if you need one) and the port door install easily and the height is a dead on match with Midwest industries high .308 rails. Both uppers work well and cycle rounds flawlessly. Most .308 builds are a pain in the a$$ to get running correctly for one reason or another, but both of my uppers run great and the KAK double ejector BCG is an outstanding part of the flawless running of my .308’s. Additionally, I use a KAK heavy .308 rifle buffer on one of my other rifles and it fixed the dwell time issues I was having on an 18” gun. I use the heavy .308 carbine buffer for both uppers referenced in this review and it is part of the flawless operation parts bin from KAK. I’m not a huge fan of building .308 AR’s because they can be problematic; I need my rifles to be reliable and hard running and most companies don’t deliver, but with the right mix of KAK .308 parts I have found a way to build some hard running, reliable .308 AR’s !!! Thank you KAK. Because of KAK .308 AR parts I can bet my life on those builds.

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    Posted by Steve on May 8, 2018

    This particular upper fits perfect on Gen 1 DPMS lowers and is mil spec. Most of my 80% lowers on my builds are the Gen 1. No Dremel work required, happy builder!