K-SPEC Enhanced AR15 PCC 9.5 oz Buffer

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Compatible with Carbine buffer tubes and our Flatwire buffer spring

  • Reduces felt recoil
  • Enables faster follow up shots
  • Allows you to shoot faster with better accuracy
  • Length- 4"
  • Weight- 9.5 oz
  • Buffer weights- 3 Tungsten, Sliding 
  • Finish– Phosphate
  • Bumper color- Blue
  • Extended length for proper bolt catch overtravel
  • Eliminates potential bolt bounce 
  • Ships with KAK Buffer Install Tool

For use with Pistol Caliber AR15 firearms utilizing a one-piece BCG

The K-SPEC Buffer was developed with specific goals in mind- Reducing felt recoil and providing faster follow up shots.  With modern technology being applied to firearms, you’re likely aware of the recoil management solutions that have been applied to many popular pistol operating systems. Many recoil rods in pistols went from a single piece recoil rod assembly to a dual recoil rod spring assembly with compression guide rod. 

With the modernization of firearms, we found out a way to apply this technology to the AR15 Pistol Caliber Platform

The K-SPEC Buffer features an innovative recoil reduction system that absorbs and disperses felt recoil. Minimizing muzzle flip and kickback allowing you to fire faster and more accurately by being able to stay on target more effectively. 

 The K-SPEC Buffer features a two-piece reciprocating buffer body and a custom captured compression spring mechanism internally,  which works in conjunction with our flatwire buffer spring. The majority of the felt recoil is transferred into the buffer spring, and then dispersed into the K-SPEC buffer internals which absorb recoil and distributes recoil more evenly and linearly instead of abruptly as you experience with traditional buffer systems.


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    Noticeable Difference

    Posted by Luciano Ramon on April 17, 2024

    I am new to the AR type rifles. I bought an AR-9mm due to the ammo prices and also thought that the recoil was going to be much less that a regular AR-15. However, the recoil was quite noticeable. I went online (YouTube) and found several products to mitigate recoil, but this one stood out to me. I ordered it. No issue install, (16" barrel AR-9) especially with the included tool. Went to the range and was amazed at the difference. Much smoother cycling and less felt recoil. The PCC 9.5 Buffer and Flat-Wire Spring made a noticeable difference.

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    Posted by Brad on March 25, 2024

    Stellar product. Spring is a little picky going into the buffer tube but is incredibly quiet. Dropped mine into a 16 inch 6951 style build with an M4 stock and the recoil even with 115gr is super smooth. For the price you would pay vs a standard buffer and spring assembly this is waaay better. Top notch product.

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    K-Spec Enhanced Buffer - Pleasantly Surprised

    Posted by Joel on March 3, 2024

    I was skeptical of this buffer after seeing a review online, but gave it a chance. Put it in my New Frontier Armory MP-5 mag compatible AR-9. It is the softest shooting AR-9 I've ever shot - out of 8. Not as soft and smooth as a roller-delayed blowback like MP-5, but not all that far off and better than expected. Very pleased, and will use these buffers in any future AR-9 build.

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    Makes a very noticeable difference

    Posted by RM Watson on December 20, 2023

    Great product! Before installing this I took my AR9 to the range to note the recoil impulse and had my wife and a friend try it as well. Installed the K-Spec and went back a couple of weeks later and we all shot it again. The difference was extremely noticable to all three of us. We were all able to stay on target better with much softer recoil. No issues cycling over 200 rounds of Blazer Brass. Set up was a Ballistic Advantage 5.5" barrel, Jacob Grey BCG, Spikes Tactical upper receiver and Kak K-Spec 9.5oz buffer kit with flat wire spring. I was previously using the Aero Precision EPC buffer kit.

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    9mm Buffer

    Posted by Tom on November 16, 2023

    I used this in an 8.5" AR-9 pistol and it works great! Felt recoil is reduced , it ejects cleanly and cycles fine.

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    Really does help reduce felt recoil

    Posted by Doug on October 8, 2023

    I purchased and tested the K-SPEC 9.5oz. buffer with 16" and 5" barrel 9mm PCC. The heavy mass, spring dampened head, and flat recoil spring combine to help reduce the snappy felt recoil in a PCC. The effect was more noticable with the shorter barrel. The buffer is phosphated and came dry, so it needed a generous coat of oil for corrosion protection before use. The spring is a bit tight and rubs, but seemed to work fine with the oiled buffer. It has 3 deadblow tungsten weights to help prevent bolt bounce and is the proper extended length for 9mm with a carbine buffer tube. Would definitely recommend this over the standard deadblow buffer for 9mm PCC.