K-SPEC Enhanced AR-15 BCG, 5.56/ 300 Blackout , Dual Ejector, Side Vent, Sand Cuts, Full Chrome, C158

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  • Designed to function reliably in the toughest conditions
  • Optimized for both Suppressed and Un-suppressed use, All uses – All Conditions
  • Dual Ejectors for enhanced reliability
  • Angled Carrier Rail Cuts for flawless function in adverse conditions and prolonged suppressed use
  • Downward Gas Ports to reduce gas blowback to shooter
  • Full Auto Profile
  • Permatex added between Gas Key and Carrier Mating Surface
  • Carrier- 8620 steel, outside rails, bolt runs, and gas bores ground to .0002 tolerances, Hard Chrome finish
  • Bolt- C158 steel, outside diameters ground to .0002 tolerances, Shot Peened, MPI test, Hard Chrome finish
  • Firing Pin- 8740 steel, Swiss turned, heat treated, precision ground, chrome plated
  • Cam Pin – 4140 steel, Swiss turned, heat treated, chrome finish
  • Extractor- 4140 steel, fully machined, Phosphate coated
  • Extractor pin- S7 tool steel, ground, heat treated
  • Ejector- S7 tool steel, ground, heat treated
  • Gas key – 4130 steel, heat treated, secured with T25 torx fasteners, torqued to spec, staked with  hydraulic staking machine
  • 11.5 oz

KAK Industry's in-house production, from machining to assembly, ensures each K-SPEC BCG meets the highest standards of quality and performance. Our Missouri facility, equipped with advanced machinery and robotic automation, allows us to achieve consistent excellence and reliability in our products. Whether you're a competitive shooter, hunter, or tactical operator, the K-SPEC Enhanced AR-15 BCG is designed to deliver superior performance in any condition.

Hard Chrome
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