Hex Pattern AR15 Carrier, Nitride

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Build a Bolt Carrier Group

Like Build A Bear, But For Adults

If you purchase a Carrier, you'll receive just that, a complete carrier w/ staked gas key

If you Add a Bolt and Completion Kit, You will receive the a complete, assembled BCG with the Option you selected

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KAK Industry Hex Pattern Carrier


This unique carrier features a unique hex or honeycomb design what wraps around the top of the carrier.  This shape allows clearance for fouling, acting like a relieved rail, as well as looking great with other hex pattern components



  • Full Auto Profile
  • Carrier- 8620 steel, outside rails, bolt runs, and gas bores ground to .0002 tolerances, nitride finish
  • Bolt- 9310 steel, outside diameters ground to .0002 tolerances, MPI test
  • Firing Pin- 8740 steel, Swiss turned, heat treated, precision ground, chrome plated
  • Cam Pin – 4140 steel, Swiss turned, heat treated, nitride finish
  • Extractor- 4140 steel, fully machined, Phosphate coated
  • Extractor pin- S7 tool steel, ground, heat treated
  • Ejector- S7 tool steel, ground, heat treated
  • Gas key – 4130 steel, heat treated, secured with T25 torx fasteners, torqued to spec, staked with  hydraulic staking machine
  • 11.5 oz


Machined in house and assembled using only the finest steels and components. 

KAK Industry takes pride in producing some of the finest Mil-Spec/ Enhanced AR15 bolt carrier groups available, made 100% in house at our MO facility using Doosan machining centers, Tsugami Swiss turning, and the latest in FANUC robotics combined into an automated cell giving us lights out production capability.  In house automated CMM Inspection processes ensure consistent quality.