Aug/ Nylaug- Gas Block Assembly

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Simplified piston gas block is designed for our NYLAUG barrels and 3D print builds

KAK piston design uses AR15 gas rings instead of AUG size

Single non adjustagle gas setting

The gas hole listed is located in the silver plug in the end of the block (not in the block itself) - this allows the gas setting to be updated later by drilling the hole bigger or changing out the plug with a new or different one, without having to remove the block from the barrel.   the hole in the plug vents excess gas off as soon as the piston starts to move similar to the OEM aug gas block

Excess gas after stroke is vented down

Set screw attachment matches the dimples on KAK NYLAUG barrels

This is a complete gas block assembly as seen in product picture #2



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    Simple and effective

    Posted by Adam on October 23, 2023

    Worked great for me, had to modify and reprint the handguard I was using to fit so be aware you may need extra clearance. Way simpler and more solid than modifying the factory gas blocks, very impressed to see KAK supporting an interesting niche project like this. KAK nylaug barrel was also more accurate then I was expecting. Maybe we'll see more barrel options someday? I would build an 18-20" 17-556 aug if the parts were available.