AR15 Mini Milspec Buffer Tube Kit- Pistol Caliber Carbine

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For those wanting to make their AR15 as compact as possible. Our Mini Milspec System (based on our Original AR15 CQC system) provides you with a compact buffer system while not affecting reliability while still being able to utilize a Milspec BCG. The M4 stock is taken down from just over 6.5" to 5", Mini Buffer Tube is only 5.25" in length from end of the receiver when installed. The Mini Milspec M4 Stock can collapse completely flush in the last adjustment hole on the buffer tube making the front of the stock flush with the castle nut.

Mini Milspec Buffer Tube with Mini M4 Stock Installed, collapsed configuration- 5 5/8” from back of receiver

Normal Milspec M4 stock with 6 position buffer tube- 7 1/8”

Magpul SL-M will collapse flush with castle nut in 2nd adjustment slot, .5" longer than KAK Mini M4 Stock

The Mini Milspec PPC Buffer System is compatible with PCC depending on buffer weight. The weight of these mini buffers and spring rate of the buffer spring mirror the functionality of a traditional buffer weights. Unlike most short buffer tube setups, ours is designed to function with any compatible Milspec bolt carrier group. 

  • Compatible with 9mm, 40s&w, and Similar 
  • Proprietary Mini 5 Position Buffer Tube extends only 5.25" from the rear of the receiver. Buffer will accept Milspec parts and stocks.
  • Hard coat anodized
  • Flatwire buffer spring for increased reliability and longer life
  • Proprietary mini buffer weighs only 3.7oz- Carbine/ 4.6oz- Heavy, and 5.5oz- H2, performs like a standard length carbine buffer in combination with our flatwire buffer spring
  • Mil-spec end plate
  • Mil-spec castle nut

This is a buffer tube kit, it includes the buffer tube, buffer, buffer spring, end plate, and castle nut, it does not include a stock.


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    Great Tube for PDW's

    Posted by Tim on November 21, 2023

    If you're looking at keeping your PDW as short as possible, especially without taking out a second mortgage, then this is the Way. Great, affordable way to trim some length off your build without impacting function. Price is extremely reasonable too when you take a look at other similar options.