OE-SPEC- 9MM 11.0" AR15 Barrel- Nitride

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VALUE-LINE 9MM 11.0" AR15 Barrel

• Chamber- 9MM

• Length- 11" (10.5" " when compared to a standard AR15 barrel for handguard measurements) 

• Threads- 1/2-36

• Finish- Nitride 

• Twist- 1:10

• Material- 41V50

• Marked for Caliber and Twist

• Weight- 18.99 OZ

• Fully Made In House From KAK Industry Produced Blanks

Govt Style Profile

All Barrels Are Air Gauge Inspected for Correct Bore Size & Tolerances, completed Barrels are Inspected for Proper Headspace using Calibrated Gauging.  






  • 5
    11" 9mm Barrel

    Posted by Allen on December 28, 2023

    This one fits the needs to a perfect T. I would highly recommend it to anyone in the Carbine / Pistol build mode.

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    9mm Pistol from Hell!

    Posted by Allen on November 11, 2020

    https://www.kakindustry.com/contract-9mm-11-inch-melonite-barrel9mm Pistol from Hell! Three years ago I decided to build an AR 9mm Pistol of my own because getting one at a Gun Shop was impossible. Watching videos on YouTube showed many AR Pistols in 5.56 NATO with 10.5" barrels but all were custom built. Only a couple videos showed 9mm AR Pistols but they used Glock Mags and had no Last Round Hold-opens. Colt was the only manufacturer that offered a 16" Carbine that had a Last Round Hold-open but no Pistol was made; I figured building my own was in order! One of the 9mm AR Pistol videos gave a list of parts used for the build such as Upper Receiver, Barrel, Sights, etc. The Barrel was from KAK but only a 5" and I wanted a 10.5" like Colt's 9mm Submachine Gun. I came here to KAK and found the VALUE-LINE 9mm NATO 11" Barrel. I mated it to a Rock River Arms 9mm A4 Upper Receiver, identical to Colt's in every respect! I was well on my way to not only having my own 9mm AR Pistol, but becoming that less Wealthy of a person! To make a long story short, I now have a 9mm Pistol from Hell that, with its Franklin Armory BFSIII Trigger Group, can dump a 32 Round Uzi-style Magazine faster than you can say: Supercalafragalisticexpialadocious! Plus 2" Groups at 50-yards from a Supported Bench position when firing 124 Grain 9x19mm NATO, with this KAK VALUE-LINE 11" Barrel, are the norm when using my Sun Optics 4x32 ILR Prism Scope!

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    Great barrel

    Posted by Raymond on June 29, 2020

    I paired this barrel with the KAK 9mm BCG. Great barrel for my use; up to 50 meters. It's installed in an Aero Precision upper receiver and with the Mean Arms Endomag. I use a KAK 6.5 oz extended buffer and 308 carbine spring. Shot only 300 rounds of 124 grain, so far and am very happy with this set up; very reliable.

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    Great price!

    Posted by Larry on June 25, 2020

    Great Value.

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    Amazing Value

    Posted by Henry on October 15, 2019

    The workmanship is very well done. Shipped fast and well-protected. Haven't shot it yet but I have no doubt it will work flawlessly. As others have said, under a 10" Handguard the threaded protion just protrudes a bit. I recommend this and would buy it again

  • 5
    Great 9mm Barrel

    Posted by Joseph on September 19, 2019

    The barrel is well finished and more accurate than I was expecting an AR-9 to be. I installed this with a 10" rail and a micro slimline flash can. Very happy with the build.

  • 5
    Quality and price are great!

    Posted by Gary on June 24, 2019

    Replaced my Colt factory barrel with this and couldn't be happier!

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    High Quality Great Price

    Posted by Andrew on April 26, 2019

    Works perfect with Hahn block and Colt/UZI magazine. I plan on buying another.

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    Works with Dolos barrel stop

    Posted by Damon on April 5, 2019

    I bought this barrel to use with the Dolos takedown system. The flat area beyond the barrel extension is perfect for the barrel stop necessary for blowback set-ups. Since this is for a takedown pistol, I had to polish the barrel extension since it married to the upper very tightly. It measures exactly 10.5" from the tip of the barrel extension to the leading edge of muzzle threads. It did not extend beyond the end of my 10" handguard until a birdcage flash hider was added.