8.5" 9X39 1:7 AR15 Barrel- Stainless

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KAK 8.5" 9X39 1:7 AR15 Barrel- Stainless

• Chamber- 9x39

• Length- 8.5"

• Gas system- Pistol Length

• Gas Block Size- .750

• Threads- 5/8-24

• Finish- Matte Blasted Grey

• Twist- 1:7

• Material- 416R Stainless

• Extension- M4 Ramps

• Marked for Caliber and Twist

• Weight- 18.24 OZ

• Gas Block Dimples

• Fully Made In House From KAK Industry Produced Blanks

All Barrels Are Air Gauge Inspected for Correct Bore Size & Tolerances, completed Barrels are Inspected for Proper Headspace using Calibrated Gauging. 

DESIGNED TO BE USED WITH FACTORY WOLF 278 GRAIN SUBSONIC AMMO ***These barrels are designed to be run suppressed. Attempting to run them unsuppressed could lead to issues outside of KAK 's control in which we hold no liability.



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    Solid product , would like to see a micro gas length version.

    Posted by Tower on May 6, 2021

    I've had this barrel now for about a year or so and put only 1500 ish rounds through the rifle, both tula and wolf. As mentioned the nature of the 9x39 being so low pressure requires additional back pressure to function correctly, a mirco length would fix this issue without having to resort to muzzle devices or reduced weight buffers/ bcgs. This is more an issue with the common Tula 245 gr loads, as they have less pressure over all due to bearing surface and charge stuff. Average 10 shot groups measure 2.5" and 2.1" respectively at 100 yards. (prone slow fire with a x4 optic) I will likely be buying another barrel from KAK to experiment further, KAK if you're reading expect an E-mail from yours truly seeing if I can convince you to send me a micro gas length 8.5". and how much it would cost.

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    Simply AWESOME

    Posted by RICHARD on July 8, 2020

    Full disclosure: This is my 2nd barrel. I broke my first with the wrong size muzzle device. While the brake split into halves the only damage to the barrel was the threaded portion partially split at a 90 angle of the threads. I was so impressed on how the barrel held up (threads never striped) I immediately purchased another. And the correct muzzle brake. 9x39 is a very cool round. I chose it specifically as its a suppressor's dream much like 300BO. KAK makes AWESOME stuff and I look here first for whatever I need for a build.

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    Great value

    Posted by Ronald on June 8, 2020

    Received the barrel promptly and in good order, I'm in the process of getting the parts to build my upper and will report back when complete and shot.

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    Good, but one negative quirk

    Posted by Mario on September 23, 2019

    Purchased this barrel for a custom piston build. Barrel itself is fantastic. Perfectly stabilizes subsonic projectiles perfectly and accurately as advertised. Only issue I had was that the dimples for the gas block were not lined up with the piston gas block I have and the forwardmost dimple was off by about 3/32", so it couldn't be redimpled with confidence because the new dimple would be halfway into the old dimple. I was forced to pin the gas block in place instead. I'm really nitpicking here, but I think dimpling for the one set screw just under the gas port itself would allow for varied gas block usage and customers could dimple for the forwardmost set screw themselves. And a note for people looking to build a piston gun, get the 10.5" barrel. 8.5" is fine for DI systems, 8.5" doesn't give enough dwell time to cycle a piston. 10.5" barrel will help you a lot!

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    Used it on a pistol build.

    Posted by Brandon on September 20, 2019

    It is a beauty. Inside and out. Only put 5 rounds through her thus far. Two rounds unsuppressed and three rounds suppressed without issue. https://youtu.be/-l346GKVWRY

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    9x39 AR functions great

    Posted by Bob Wire on August 7, 2019

    Finally got my shipment of 9x39 Wolf ammo and got my AR Pistol assembled. I tried using a chrome silicon M4 buffer spring, but it was too fierce and caused short stroking - no matter if I used the standard buffer all the way up to the H3 buffer. Wouldn't work, so substituted a standard mil spec buffer spring and it stroked just fine. Fed and ejected without issue and locked back on the empty magazine. All without a suppressor on the barrel... Worked great.

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    Vityaz is finally doable, sort of..

    Posted by TedA on February 13, 2019

    9x39 ammo is finally coming, I used this barrel to build my AR based "Vityaz", kind of.. The barrel is awesome quality, as always with KAK, I have quite a few products from there guys. Simply install this barrel into an AR upper, use 7.62x39mm AR bolt and a regular spring buffer and you have your 9x39 subsonic set up that takes on anything with 700+ft/lbs at the muzzle. The M4 feed ramp on the barrel is perfect.. You can find 278gr, 9x39 ammo fairly easy, as I did. This barrel uses the same gas system as a normal AR, the port hole is a bit enlarged, as it should, but the rest is just a typical AR style construction, same journal, cycling great on mine, no issues here, just be sure to use 7.62x39 configured C Products magazine for an AR/M4 feed ramp, also could be found easily