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7.62X39 Enhanced Extractor

Fully Machined Billet Steel (NON MIM)

Phosphate finished 


May not fit other companies bolts depending on design 



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    7.62 x 39 extractor

    Posted by Marc Hensley on December 24, 2023

    Got this as a replacement for my bear creek broken extractor because Bear Creek WOULD NOT ANSWER THE PHONE OR RETURN EMAIL! The part fit perfectly and now the firearm runs flawless. I'll order more parts from KAK because it shipped quickly and looks to be machined to high quality.

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    Great item for the spare parts box

    Posted by Brian on October 3, 2023

    Great quality and excellent price!

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    7.62x39 extractor

    Posted by Spencer on August 21, 2023

    Seems to be pretty great so far. Not many round through it but I will see in time.

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    Installed extractor in my Radical Firearms AR47

    Posted by AZDan on February 15, 2023

    I researched several reviews saying the extractor was the weak link on my otherwise decent brand new budget rifle. So I took the initiative and installed KAK after reading goods things about their quality extractors. Cycled 300 rounds of steel case Tula last weekend and it went off without a hitch! I've got 1700 more rounds of this stuff left but I feel confident in my rifle since I upgraded to KAK!

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    KAK 7.62x39 extractor

    Posted by John on September 21, 2022

    Top notch...what can I say ...the guys at Kak industries once again kick the ball out the park....took a chance...even tho it's says it may not be compatible with Bearcreakarsenal uppers....I still bought 2 of them ...the item arrived in 3 days or so ...extractor alone...when i compared it to bca's extractor it was unbelievable...the quality ...the cut..Kak's extractoris top quality....so installed with a o-ring and the pre existing spring from bca.. took to the range and this thing has 800 steel cased rounds gone through and still going...I was soo impressed...I bought 2 more!

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    Great extractor for steel

    Posted by Thanx-Trump on February 14, 2022

    I purchased this extractor at the same time I purchased a 5.56 extractor for the 7.62 BCG on my AR47. The extractor on the BCG sheared off on the first steel case 7.62 round it ever fired. Comparing the KAK extractor to the 5.56 showed a large difference in quality. The depth of the extractor lip that grabs the rim of the case was deeper and a more machined, defined edge on the KAK. It is superior in quality to the 5.56 I purchased else where. I wish I would have come here and purchased this first. I've already put 200 rounds of steel case through the rifle with no issues. I will be purchasing KAK small parts for all my future repairs. Don't waste your money else where.

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    Good stuff...it's KAK!

    Posted by Cliff on January 3, 2022

    Bought 2 of these for backup to my extra bolt and the bolt I'm running in my AR47.

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    Good quality fair deal

    Posted by Daubs on January 3, 2022

    Overall the extractor seems like good quality. I bought just to have a spare. For the price (little steep) one would think they should be Nitrided but they are just phosphate coated. Marked K7 on the back. As of Dec. 2021 they are NOT shipping with the spring, bumper incert, or O-ring as mentioned in prior reviews. My thought is get them while you can with politics being what they are today. AR 7.62x39 extractors are known to fail and having a spare / spares is a wise choice.

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    It works

    Posted by Adam on September 17, 2020

    it fits my psa ks47 bcg gen 2, it cycles, havent shot it but if it last longer then the stock extractor that came from psa then i will be really happy (psa started to bend after 120 rounds psa wants me to send the hole bcg to replace a extractor)