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458 Socom Enhanced Extractor

Fully Machined Billet Steel (NON MIM)

Phosphate finished 




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    Great item for the spare parts box

    Posted by Brian on October 3, 2023

    Great quality and excellent price!

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    Wow! Worked right away to cure issues!

    Posted by JJ on October 3, 2022

    I too bought two of these hoping for a miracle cure. Well, mission accomplished. The brass now flings out nicely and no more feed/ejection issues on the gun I love to shoot most! This product is well made and the finish is perfect. At this price get two!

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    458 extractor

    Posted by JD on August 1, 2022

    Replacement extractor works great, had issues and I did some research and ordered 2 of these and it fixed my problem. Hopefully I will never need my backup. Glad I found these in my research. I would recommend to anyone having issues.

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    Works great

    Posted by eric on May 9, 2022

    I have a BCA socom upper that I've upgraded with a faxxon barrel and the cheap extractor broke around 200 rounds. KAK sent this one out fast and it's been running great since.

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    Works 100%

    Posted by John on the Blue Ridge on March 16, 2021

    My BCA uppers extractor broke after about 400 rounds. BCA sent new extractor kit but was having fte every 1-3 rounds. Ordered 2 KAK extractors (were recommended) and upper runs perfect. Have about 100 rounds through upper since swap, 250-325 grain bullets. No ftf/fte. Good price for a quality product.

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    Works great

    Posted by Matthew on December 17, 2019

    I had issues with a Tromix extractor. The problem was a failure to eject. The round would extract but the claw was not engaged on the rim enough to allow the shell to pivot off and eject from the rifle. This resulted in stove pipes and the last round stayed in the ejection port. This is not common since Tromix 458 Socom parts rarely have problems. I bought this as a spare while Tromix was replacing my extractor. The claw has a very different profile than the Tromix so I had my doubts. However, it was cheaper than the Tromix so it was worth a try. Despite the differences in design, it works very well. I put 20 rounds through the rifle after installing it and have had no failures. The old extractor was failing every one or two rounds.

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    Excellent quality

    Posted by James on February 13, 2018

    Excellent quality, fits well, works well in my direct impingement 45 acp upper and 458 SOCOM uppers.