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Complete KAK Industry LR-308 (DPMS STYLE) UPPER RECEIVER- Modified for Magnum 

High Rail Height

Upper Receiver- Billet, Modified for Magnum cartridges, upper is milled post anodize resulting in a small amount of raw material presenting itself on the bottom of the ejection port door, Alumiblack can be applied to cover material if you care to cover this area, it's purely cosmetic 

Upper ships with Ejection Port Cover and Forward Assist Installed



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    This is a nice upgraded upper

    Posted by George Williamson Jr on December 27, 2023

    This upper has been modified for magnum cartridge use. The discharge port has been opened up a bit. Yes it needed touching up as the machined area was in the white. But you cannot really see it. I touched it up with my flat back pen. It looks great and fits my M5 lower perfectly. I have not assembled the firearm as I am waiting on the barrel. A 300 WSM. But I don't see any reason to belive I will have an issue. This upper is well worth the money if your going with a magnum cartridge in an AR10 platform

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    Posted by Bob on December 25, 2023

    Used this upper and KAK Magnum BCG to build .300WSM, completed Sept 22. Initially had minor ejection problems, solved by lightly rounding inner machined edges of port. Less than 10 rounds to get gas block adjusted and now have over 200 rounds thru it. Even with adj GB it throws empty to 2 o'clock, probably due to dual ejectors. With adj GB, 5.6oz buffer, soft recoil pad, and gill slot barrel ports it recoils about like a .243 bolt gun.

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    This is a great looking upper

    Posted by George Williamson Jr on December 19, 2023

    This upper has been modified for use with the Winchester Short Magnum cartridge. It has a larger ejection port. Yet still has tge dust cover. I haven't assembled the rifle yet, as I'm waiting on a barrel. But this upper is well made and with the extra clearance it should work without an issue. After I get the rifle up and running I will try to update this.

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    6.5prc build

    Posted by Top 'O Texas on April 13, 2023

    Just did a review on the magnum bcg and this is part of the build also. Good so far and will do a follow up when build is complete.

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    Posted by George on January 18, 2023

    The upper did not come assembled like stated in the discription and where the machining was done there was no anodizing

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    Posted by Winter on August 13, 2021

    Mine seems to be completely anodized inside. A well built part with all the right mods for my new rifle. Very nice upper receiver!!

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    Not bad

    Posted by Butter cup on June 25, 2021

    I bought this, it's pretty stoutly built, and I can't wait to get the rifle built. I'm gonna run around kak smackin everything I see. Someone wants trouble, I'll kak smack'm right in the mouth. That deer, , , he's gettin kak smacked, , , that gopher, , gettin kak smacked. . Leave your Pepsi out. . . It's gettin kak smacked. . . I'm a kak smackin fool now. .

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    Building 6.5 Saum

    Posted by MICHAEL on January 14, 2021

    As other review says, it's bare aluminum after the machining but overall I am happy with the product other than that.

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    Posted by Paul on January 1, 2021

    Machining performed AFTER anodizing, resulting in bare aluminum showing inside ejection port! Port door installed, but forward assist just tossed in box. Price seems high for what you get. Overall, not thrilled.