22 ARC

22 ARC Collection: Barrels, BCGs, and Upper Receivers

Explore our comprehensive 22 ARC collection, featuring precision-engineered barrels, bolt carrier groups (BCGs), and upper receivers designed for the ultimate shooting performance and reliability. Perfect for enthusiasts seeking to enhance their AR-15 setup.

Explore the Precision of 22 ARC: Essential Firearm Components

Unlock Your Shooting Potential with 22 ARC: Precision, Power, and Performance
Our Grendel 6.5 BCGs are fully compatible with 22 ARC, ensuring seamless performance and reliability for your shooting needs. Experience the perfect match for precision and durability in your 22 ARC setup with our top-tier BCGs.

High Quality AR-15 Collection

Superior Performance, Unmatched Quality: The Ultimate AR-15 Collection
AR-15 Barrels


AR-15 Bolt Carrier Group

Bolt Carrier Group

AR-15 Gas System

Gas System

AR-15 Handguards


AR-15 Buffer Tubes

Buffer Tubes

AR Triggers


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Unlock Your Potential with the 22 ARC Upper: A Review of its Features and Benefits

AR-15 Upper Receivers

Complete Uppers

AR-15 Lower Receivers

Complete Lowers